Our Weaving Center


Garuda Woven Art rugs are made in Nepal at our own weaving center located in a small, agricultural village outside of Kathmandu.

The dyeing, weaving and washing are done on-site rather than being contracted out. This ensures control over the quality of the dyeing and weaving and the assurance that no chemicals are used to wash or treat our rugs.


We are committed to providing decent living and working conditions for our employees. Child labor is illegal in Nepal and is strictly enforced. It not practiced at our weaving center.








The exceptional quality of our carpets is a result of returning to the basics. Rather than taking shortcuts or using inferior materials, we begin with using the highest quality fibers available:

• handcarded, handspun pure Tibetan wool
• top grade Chinese silk
• unbleached cotton

Tibetan wool is known for its luster, strength and resiliency. Its high lanolin content makes it very soft and plush.

The hand-carding and hand-spinning process is more costly and labor intensive than the mechanical method. However, it is less abrasive to the wool; more of the natural oils (lanolin) are retained; and fewer fibers are broken. This results in wool with better texture and longevity. Rugs woven with Tibetan wool only become more beautiful with time. As the rugs are used and walked on, lanolin is released and a soft sheen naturally develops.

Our goal is to make rugs that equal or surpass the quality and integrity of the finest antique carpets.